Survivor Support Resources

This is not an exhaustive list of resources available to survivors of sexual violence. If you are in immediate danger or in need of medical attention, call 9-1-1.

Resources funded by or associated with the University of Virginia are noted with the V-and-sabers logo. For more information about reporting an assault, please see Reporting: the Options.

U.Va. Counseling and Psychological Services (CAPS)

  • 24-hour hotline: (434) 297-4261

  • Regular office hours: (434) 243-5150


  • Note that CAPS counselors are confidential employees and will not report a sexual assault unless you ask them to do so

U.Va. Women's Center

  • General phone: (434) 982-2361

  • Schedule counseling: (434) 982-2252


  • Office of Gender Violence and Social Change: (434) 982-2774

  • Survivor Support Network: a training program for professors, TAs, and students about survivor support. For more information contact Claire Kaplan at

Elson Student Health Center or the U.Va. Hospital

  • Can administer a Physical Evidence Recovery Kit (PERK) in the aftermath of an assault

  • All recovered evidence will be secured for up to two years after retrieval, and can be useful in the event that a survivor chooses to press charges against a perpetrator

U.Va. Office of the Dean of Students 

  • General phone: (434) 924-7133

  • Hosts the JustReportIt service. Go to to report an incident of sexual violence to the university. Reports may be made anonymously

  • Schedule an appointment with the Dean on call to discuss reporting an act of violence

Shelter for Help and Emergency (SHE)

  • General phone: (434) 293-8509

  • Provides emergency shelter and a 24-hour hotline for those seeking safety, legal advice, or other resources in the Charlottesville area

  • Speak to a trained professional with experience assisting survivors of relationship or interpersonal violence

  • Accommodating to non-English speakers

Sexual Assault Resource Agency (SARA)

  • 24-hour hotline: (434) 977-7273

  • General phone: (434) 295-7273

  • A Charlottesville-area resource with information about seeking assistance after an assault and information about reporting

  • Speak to a trained professional with experience assisting survivors 

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